Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Simple cleaning wipes are my new beauty bff. I'm always super busy and on the go so by the time i get home I'm too tired to wash my makeup off. Usually, i have to force myself out of bed in fear of breaking out the next day. However, ever since Simple's facial wipes were delivered to my door, i am breakout free! Simples wipes are alcohol, perfume and oil free which means that they aren't harsh on your skin!
Seriously, if your extra tired from partying it up and come home late every night. Simple Wipes will be your go to facial cleansing system. All you have to do is keep them near your bed, so when you crash they are at reach, then just wipe your makeup off with there soft, moist towelettes and your good to go get your beauty sleep!
Easy! Get them at!

~Kyla Emman

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Dominique said...

I love MAC wipes. I'm too lazy to use a makeup remover facewash, and the wipes are so fast and easy! I haven't broke out since using them.