Wednesday, January 20, 2010


C. Viviani is a new jewelry collection that is inspired by art and sculpture. The designs feature show-stopping pieces that are made of unique materials. Here is what a typical C. Viviani woman is all about:
"C. Viviani is a jewelry collection made for the multi-dimensional woman. A woman who possesses femininity while exuding strength. A woman who is forward thinking while honoring the traditions of the past. A woman who craves effortless elegance."

Okay, yea that sounds like me except i put in a whole lot of effort! Jokes aside, I am drooling over these pieces that have a refined rocker look. Each piece could look great on its own or even put on all together. I mean, who cares about what Chanel said about taking one piece off before leaving the house? I say, the more the better! I could totally see myself sporting these pieces to Butter or STK any night of the week!

~Kyla Emman

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