Monday, September 14, 2009


JS by Jessica Fembot Over the Knee Boot $99

Ive been searching high and low for the perfect over the knee boot that wouldn't cost me $1000. I'm a terrible boot person. I admit, i wear boots till even the shoe cobbler cant fix them. I love boots; I live in every pair i own. So you could understand why i wouldn't want to pay a lot of money for boots that will die by the end of the season. It doesn't matter whether they are Gucci, Prada or whatever. They will die from me wearing them so much. Poor boots, they pass so young. So while looking for a pair i found these haute babies, Jessica Simpson's Fembot over the knee boots! They feature everything i was looking for in a boot: A stacked heel, over the knee shaft, a black color and a reasonable price. So now i can wear my boots and not cry over their holey soles but instead move onto a new pair once they are worn out. Thank you shoe gods!

Chinese Laundry Turbo Leather Over The Knee Boot $79.95

These Chinese Laundry boots are perfect for running errands around town or trying to achieve the "Serena" look that was so popular on Gossip Girl. These also come in a soft suede boot. For there price, even the most frugal fashionistas can purchase them in every color and fabrics!

Both boots were found at DSW.COM

~Kyla Emman

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