Sunday, August 9, 2009

My absolutely must have fall 09 list!

Here we go...

1. Plain Black Liquid Leggings
2. Snake Skin Print Metallic Leggings
3. Dark Colored Sequin Leggings
4. Black Lace Up Boots
5. Flat Leather Over the Knee Boots
6. Wedge Ankle Boots
7. Sequin Cami's
8. Assorted Colored Tights
9. Over the Knee Socks
10. Leather Zipper Vest
11. Purple Nail Polish
12. Bib Necklaces
13. Dark Denim Acid Wash Skinny Jeans
14. Various Thin Studded Belts
15. Structured Black Shorts
16. Black Blazer with Shoulder Pads
17. Metallic Lam`e Dress
18. Fringe Messenger Bag
19. Assorted Over sized Cocktail Rings and Cuff Bracelets
20. Shrunken Motor Cycle Jacket
21. Boyfriend Tee's
22. Plain Romper
23. Metallic Trench Coat

Hope this helps with your shopping for next season! Get started while the digs are fresh! I will probably update with more soon!

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