Sunday, August 9, 2009


Recently, i got invited to Bravo TV star, PC Peterson's (NYC Prep)"We are the Family Foundation" Charity event hosted at New York City's infamous China Club. I wasn't too sure of what i was getting myself into. Ive been pretty vocal about my feelings on the show and i didn't want to show up in the middle of another devastating episode. I asked PC if they were filming the party,thankfully they were not. Even so, in the name of charity, i gathered my negative thougths and headed down to the hot spot.
PC and I
When i entered the "party" i was a little shocked. It was pretty darn dead considering the fact that i showed up a half hour late to escape the awkwardness of a party's beginning. How could this "big" reality TV star's party be so empty.
I waited around with my friends in the hopes that the cocktail would turn around. I must say, the rooftop was beautiful against the navy blue night sky. It was a magical night to be in NYC. But i wasn't there to get swept up in God's creation, i was there to see what this PC guy could do. Don't let the pictures smiling faces fool you, it was a pretty bad party. Thank heavens it was for charity because if it wasn't i would have probably thrown up in the shrubs and left early. I did meet some cool people though, and as for the NYC Prep Kids..they're nice. At least to your face.
My friends and I

~Kyla Emman

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I love your dress! Its fantastic!