Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who let the dogs out?!

OMG! It’s a sample sale for dogs! Onyx loves this! New York Dog is hosting its very own sample sale August 5th and 11th (more dates TBA) in Chelsea! I stopped by yesterday, it was too adorable. Be informed that the sale is for smaller dogs; I would say up to 20 pounds. So don’t bring your obese bulldog. When I arrived to the building; I was a little uneasy. The show room was on the ninth floor so you had to take this very sketchy service elevator with this very nice but pushy Asian guy who didn’t speak much English. I admit, I didn’t get the greatest first Impression but since when are sample sales lavish?! As soon as I got over my fears of the elevator, I entered the sale. I was in doggie heaven. Colorful beds, collars, carriers, clothing and toys were laid out all over the room neatly. The shelves were stacked with a plethora of carriers from New York Dog to Isaac Mizrahi (I love him). As for dog apparel, they were carrying raincoats, tee shirts, dresses, Halloween costumes and even track suits (yes, tracksuits). I would say that the costs there were in expensive considering Manhattan pet boutique prices but don’t expect anything for dirt cheap. Everything there was totally organized and the people were really nice. Go! Go! Go!

133 West. 25th Street.
Suite 9E
New York, NY
(Between 6th and 7th Avenue)

~Kyla Emman

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