Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Forget Diamonds! FEM TOTES are a girl's best friend!

Le Petite in Glitter Lime

All young women have dreaded the day when their tampons/pads fall out of their Balenciaga bags and in to paparazzi view. OK, it might not exactly happen that way but you get the point! Well, whether your a park avenue princess or a country belle, this product will totally save you from horribly embarrassing moments. Suzanne's Intimate Apparel Solutions presents..Fem Totes. These Lil clutch bags will hide your "lady products" better than the witness protection program. They even come in an plethora of sizes,colors and styles. I'm especially dying over its special pockets and tabs that can hold pads,tampons, underwear and anything else you'd like.
I love the fact that they have wristlet's, it makes it easier to carry and remember parties.(Lord knows i forget my clutches!)I'm totally sporting mine to my next charity event! You can get yours for just $28! It makes a great gift for your fellow socialite, or a great gift for yourself (i prefer the second)!

**Thanks to Intimate Apparel Solutions for the Product!
~Kyla Emman

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