Monday, March 16, 2009

The REAL City

So Friday night was a blast. My bestest socialite friend , Alexandra came into the city from her posh out of state hideout in CT. We had met these two guys Dan Vitetta and Paul Dolan at a club last week and had hung out with them this week. They offered to take us out on a double date (yes i have a BF..don't ask!) to this restaurant on the upper west side called Pomadoro. This was kinda weird cuz who goes to dinner on the upper west side?! Anyway, Alexandra and i hop into a cab after i come from work and head over to god knows where. At the end of the dinner, i had a great time, Alexandra -not so much. So we leave the place after stuffing ourselves full on deelish Italian food. (Taste better when its free ..doesn't it?) and we headed down to Dans apartment on central park west and hangout like teens do:

1. We raid Dans closet and find a fur jacket bigger than Alexandra or i have ever owned.
2. Drool over Dans bathroom decor (zebra striped walls?..ah-mazing).
3. Dance in the middle of Dans entertainment room.

Then me and Alex catch another cab uptown to my "boyfriends"matts house (we had a rough week) so that i could talk things over with him. Alexandra waited in his cold courtyard while Matt and i discussed things. Poor Alexandra.
After that, Alex calls her daddy and finds out that hes lounging at NYC hot spot Geisha. So we jump in our 3rd cab of the night and head over to the east side. Well, well , well. Geisha was pretty dead. But we sat down and talked while Alex had her fave leechi martini which apparently life is all about. After Geisha we hoped in our 4th cab and tried to decide where to hit next but then we realized our feet hurt from our mean evil heels , we were tired and it was cold. So we headed to midtown , the place that i call home and did what we do best..text people until we fall asleep. Ah- the joys of living in manhattan!

~Kyla Emman

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