Saturday, March 14, 2009


We recently received Isabelts in our mailbox. What is an isabelt, you ask? Its a plastic belt that resembles a plastic bra strap. Its used to elevate belt bulge, your underwear showing and perhaps if you gain weight and your pants need some holding up. We had a panel to help us review it:

The beauty editor - After trying out the isabelt , She said that she wouldn't want to be seen with plastic around her waist "Its just not fashionable".

The Socialite - After trying out the isabelt , I said "its a good concept. I would most likely use it when I'm traveling so i don't have to take off my belt to go through airport security. I do wish it was fabric though."

The Super Mom - She didn't try isabelt because she said "i don't want plastic around my waist!" but said that she thought it was a "good concept". (Maybe this mom is a lil to old fashion.)

Overall , mixed reviews. I happen to like mine and will be using it on my European trip this spring break! No more taking off my belt in the airport!

What do you think is it Haute or Not???

** Thanks to Isabelt for the product!

~Kyla Emman

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