Monday, March 16, 2009

Mile High Club

As you probably know , i am going on a trip to Europe for Spring Break! I will be touring Italy , France and England. So Ive been looking at several pics of celebs in airports and pics of me from my last trip to japan and china to figure out what i will be packing and wearing to the airport. Whatever i wear has to be:

  1. Warm , it gets very chilly while on an airplane.
  2. Fashionable , especially if im going to be seen in diffrent countries!
  3. Comfy , so i can carry my luggage and be comfy in my seat.

Now that Ive told you what i was looking for in an airport outfit. Here is what i will be wearing!
Airport Outifit
Airport Outifit - by kikiakakyla on

Any more suggestions of where to visit or what to wear?
~Kyla Emman

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