Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Move Over Havannas..SWITCH FLOPS are Here!

So i totally just got my Switch Flops today and i am sold on them!
These are totally bound to be the new "IT" accessory this summer!
I'm sure your all sick of buying tons of summer flip flops and having no space to stash them. ( I have a french door closet , Still no room!)
Well, now you have tons of much needed cash and space! Genius!

Seriously, these flip flops on steroids are Ah-mazing. I'm loving these for many reasons:

1. Now i don't have to carry a thousand pairs of flip flops in my luggage to match all my swim suits!

2. These hotties give me extra closet space <3

3. I can have flip flops that match my swim suit and after outfit too.

And OMG! there's over 70 styles of interchangeable Switch Flop straps! They are so cute and the flip flops are extremely comfy! I have the "LuLu" ones (Shown Above)
So flip flop onto SwitchFlops.com and check out all the new styles! I jadore their phrase "Change your look but not your sole"...I die.

** Thanks to Lindsay Phillips of SwitchFlops for the product!
~Kyla Emman

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