Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Sweet Secret to Flawless Skin

You wont believe me when i tell you this.
This is the answer to every gal's occasional blemish.
How can we look perfect when we are avoiding mirrors because we don't want to look at our flaws?
Fabulous fashionista's , do not fret!
FRUTELS is here! Frutels is a sugar-free formula, packed into chocolate that combines with the antioxidants of chocolate to improve your skin.
I know what your thinking acne medicine covered in chocolate?!
Yes! And guess what?! Its natural dark chocolate , the kind that benefit's your skin and body!
If you don't believe me..(I'm head over heels about frutels) then check out what celebs like Rachel Ray have to say about it!

$12 at Rickys NYC

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