Saturday, January 24, 2009


Michelle Obama's inauguration party gown, designed by Jason Wu , has aroused mixed feelings in the fashion industry. Some say that Michelle's style is lacking in potential and others adore her fashion choices. Personally ,i could go either way. Although , shes no Jackie O.

Jason Wu is a American based designer that is not so up and coming. He's been around for a while but its just now that everyone is appreciating his work. You may remember him from a DIY in teen vogue last year. Here is a picture from that issue.

So tell me , What do you think about Michelle's Obama's white gown!
Is it Haute or Not???

~Kyla Emman


idil vice said...

No, don't think it's haute.... that dress looked hideous, I mean, she is not getting married right?? It looked like a cheap wedding dress and it made her look huge, when she isn't. I'll be happy to make a Billie Holiday black stretch column gown for her, she would so rock in that!!

Love Michelle Obama though!

Courtland said...

Not haute - blah.