Thursday, December 10, 2009

Imagine that!

Imagine a shoe that matches every outfit that you pair it with. A shoe that you could check your makeup with when you forgot your compact. A shoe that could give Cinderella's glass slipper a run for its money! Well here it is...Andreia Chaves' "Invisible Shoe." Fashion blogs have been a buzz over this shoe all day. Its making people say "McQueen who?" to his previous heart-stopping shoe collections. What? You want them as much as i do? To bad, because i have no idea how to get my hands on them. But, when i do find out you will be the first to know. Cant you see Lady Gaga rocking these?!

~Kyla Emman


doreese said...

Omg!!! I just googled this, that is freakin awesome~!~!

anyways i liek your blog...and i wish i lived in nyc and had an exciting life like yours lol. im stuck in lame seattle.

Anonymous said...

people might get to see your underwear or what if your not wearing any!!!.. these shoes should come with a warning, that says MUST WEAR PANTS!