Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Miss Teenage Socialite and On Location Tours are giving away the chance to experience a day in the life of Manhattan's Elite on the tour of Gossip Girl Sites!
If you win you will receive 2 tickets for a bus tour to visit more than 40 locations that have been used in filming the hit TV show! You will see the hotel that is home to the Bass and Van der Woodson families,see the Upper East Side mansion that was the site of the Bass/Van der Woodsen wedding,see the lavish Fifth Avenue building that Blair Waldorf calls home and stop at Henri Bendel where Blair and Serena shop!
I took the tour myself and had a blast! You will even stop at my fave place, BabyCakes bakery that was also in GG! This is an $80 value! Plus, the tickets can be used on any tour day you choose! Check it out at!

All you have to do is write your name and email address in the comment box below OR email with your info.

~Kyla Emman


Siena said...

kyla, this is amazing. i emailed right away :)

Siena <3

Anonymous said...

johanna marcellus