Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Much like humans, pets love to be pampered! They love getting birthday, Christmas and other gifts. Finding the perfect pet gift is often a struggle! We want to give something stylish, useful and most of all, of high quality. Manhattan pet stores carry either one of two things: The cheap and crappy or the extremely gorgeous yet expensive. We wanted to find the perfect pet friendly gift that was also affordable. So we hit up the experts at BarkingWorld.Com! They sent us their luxurious “Spa Tote” to review. It was packed cutely, so I knew it was a great gifting idea.

It included:
1. Organic Spice Dog Treats ($8)
2. A Ther-e-pe Aroma Diffusing Candle ($6)
3. A Breath Freshening Rope Toy ($3)
4. An O.R.E Pet Grooming Brush ($14)
5. A John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo ($15)
6. A John Paul Pet Oatmeal Leave-in Conditioning Spray($15)
7. Micro Fiber Pet Drying Gloves ($20)

I tested all the products with my Shorkie (Shi Tzu/Yorkie) Onyx. He loved the doggie treats and always wanted more. They smelled so good that I even tried them for myself! Delish! The candle works like a charm! I would consider buying it even if I didn’t have a pet! The breath freshening toy was cool, it made Onyx’s breath minty for the girl doggies. The grooming brush was great! It was really helpful when trying to get out dirt in Onyx’s fur. The John Paul Products were ah-mazing; they smelled heavenly and gave Onyx’s coat a beautiful shine. Also, the JP conditioner made his fur extremely easy to detangle without annoying him. Lastly, the Micro Fiber Gloves helped me to easily dry Onyx without having to struggle to keep him in my arms and dry him with a regular towel. I admit, it was pretty high tech. Overall, the “Spa Tote” from Barking World was full of great, functional products. It retails for $75 and is well worth the cost. It works as both a great gift and something to buy for your own puppy!You may even purchase the products separately! Check out the other totes on their site!

*Thanks to Barking World for the products!

~Kyla Emman

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