Monday, July 13, 2009

Err my god..

So this weekend i decided to buy myself a pair of fabulous shoes. And er my god are they amazing. I love shoes that are original, shoes that you wont see on others in the train or on the street. I bought Michael Kors "ashley" wedge in black. All i can say is that they are somewhat comfy and so fun. i get tons of complements on them, I'm thinking of buying them in luggage tan too. Anyway, i will post more pic's soon.

I think my next shoe purchase is going to be a pair of Calvin Klein pumps or bcbg gladiators..hmmm

P.S. My next vid for tv airs tomorrow! Go check it out!

~Kyla Emman


Anonymous said...

you bought them at DSW on sale. they are from four seasons ago!!!

Kyla Emman said...

1. I didnt buy them from DSW. Ive never bought anything there in my life. Who cares where i bought them?
2. They werent on sale. Who cares about how much i paid for them?
3. Even if they really were from 4 seasons ago, who really cares? They look amazing.

Are you that shallow?

~Kyla Emman