Monday, June 22, 2009


So your thinking : What the heavens is Snog?
Well, let me inform you. Snog is a British/ Austrailian term that refers to a passionate kiss. Lets put it into New York City terms. "I totally caught Dan and Renee snogging in the jewelry section at bloomies!"
But lets gossip about the product, Snog Balm. Its a lip balm like no other. Snog Balm is inriched with both hydrating and vitamin ingredients that pamper your pout while giving them maximum coverage. It doesnt just stay on the surface of your lips but its moisturizor's penetrate them. Its even super tiny so you can stash it away in your clutch bags, when you head out to the hottest parties to meet the hottest snog-worthy guys. Plus, when you snog it doesnt come off on your date!
Snog Balm comes in three diffrent tastey flavors: Cheeky Mint, Naked and Virgin Cherry. I think the word "Snog" is gonna really catch on...

$3.50 at www., or

**Thanks to Snog Balm for the product!

~Kyla Emman

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