Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gossip Girl Tour of Manhattan

Inside BabyCakes Bakery

Spotted : Kyla Emman and Jamilla hitting New York City's hottest spots via tour bus? What? Yes, its true! I was recently invited to take the new gossip girl tour of Manhattan by On Location Tours. They offered me two tickets, so naturally i brought Intern manager and PR guru, Jamilla! So, we ran across town in our heels hoping that we wouldn't be late when we got to the palace hotel for our tour. It was the site of Chuck's apartment, which unfortunately our tour guide did not tell us until we started moving. (Bummer!)Then we visited many spots around the upper east side (drive by mostly) and got out at some stops such as the met and front of "Constance".
The tour group was very small, with only about 8 people on it including us. So, our tour moved relatively fast. We hit up some spots downtown like the vegan Babycakes Bakery (where Dan gets his thanksgiving pies) and got some yummy icing shots. We also hit the Met where i pushed everyone down the steps (Just Kidding). Anyway, overall the experience was cool and i got some very cute pics too!

Here is the info about the Tour:

Fridays and Sundays at 12 Noon
Private tours also available.Private tours are available at any time.
Approximately 3.5 hours
$38 (+ $2 ticket fee)

~Kyla Emman

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