Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Follow Up : Kyla Emman at Prom Project

I recently volunteered my weekend to be a charity stylist at prom project. I had the honor of meeting several girls and helping them pick out dresses for their big night. Many of the girls could not afford to buy their own dresses,so they were excited to pick out a free frock. Alot of the dresses were designer and even had the tags still attached! Prom project could not have had the event without the many people/ companies who donated dresses, shoes and makeup! Thanks to everyone who came out to make the event successful! It was truly a rewarding experience!

Here are some pics from the day!

The room full of donated dresses and one super snobby stylist (but we wont talk about her).
Friends that found some dark long frocks.
Sweet gal that i helped spot a designer dress!
~Kyla Emman

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