Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Savior Trend: Ripped / Lattered Tights

We've all fell victim to a pair of ripped and "running" stockings, Its like some kind of passage to womanhood. But, I'm totally sick of whipping out my clear nail polish and trying to save my outfit. I mean who really cares if you have a hole in your stockings? shouldn't it be socially (and fashionably) acceptable by now? We must rise and rebel against this leg wear conformity! Let your stockings rip! Matter of fact, Rip them on purpose! Its a hot trend that we have seen in countless magazines and on runways. Follow this trend by recycling your ripped tights!(Are we green or what?!) Cut a bunch of little holes in them and tug them out to make them lattered. Viola! Instant Runway Style! And you didn't even have to pay a cent! Now that's what i call high fashion without a price!

~Kyla Emman

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