Friday, August 6, 2010


Since summer has begun i have been on a bit of a blogging haitus. My fashion blogging has taken a backseat to my friends calls to "come out tonight". This is the last summer i have before i begin college, so im trying to make it a memorable one. Many friends of mine are discustingly excited to start there classes in the fall. However, what college means to me is that i am a couple years closer to spending more money on Botox than i do taxi cabs. Dont get me wrong, i am happy to gain some independence and live on my own, however i hate the fact that i am moving out of my luxury NYC apartment and to a bug infested dorm in Westchester. Lets just hope my dorm decorating inspirations from Johnathan Alder will suffice as a distraction on move in day!
Anyway, i thought that i would share with my readers some of my fave pictures from my summer thus far.
Here are the best in no particular order:

Kelly Cutrone speaking at Bryant Park. Hearing Peoples Revolution's PR guru Kelly Cutrone talk about her new book and empowering women to become the entrepenures of there dreams. I attended the meeting held at Bryant Park with my amazing friend Andrea!

Cam and Kyla Emman at a 2010 Yankees VS. Mets Subway Series game.

Going to my first Subway Series game with my new boyfriend (and best boyfriend) Cam.
He had a pair of 3 different types of tickets! Do the math, thats 2 x 3 = 6! Six tickets for only two people! We had dinner at the super chic Audi Yankees Club and then headed down to his box seats where we spotted rapper Fabolous. Yes, Cam is a Yankees fan and i am a Mets fan but somehow we make it work.

Cam dining at PJ Clarkes.

The many nights we spent at the infamous PJ Clarkes resteraunt! Cam was in the mood to pose that night as you can see!

Doorman Chad and Kyla Emman.

Stealing my friend chad's (who is a doorman) hat and harrasing people outside the building he works at to "please come into my building!" because i am indeed "the new doorwoman". Passersby laughed and asked what kind of door woman was i while wearing a bandage dress and sky high heels.
Kyla Emman and friends lounging at Tao before dinner.

Having dinner and drinks at Tao with friends. What amazing food and music they have!
Kyla Emman and new college friends at orientation weekend.

Going to my college orientation! The university planned out a series of fun events during my 3- day longn orientation weekend. First was a party on a yacht! (above) Other fun activities included celebrity magician Jason Kredible who is also the host of Cake Wars and a hypnotist who really hypnotised my fellow school mates! We also bonded while roasting marshmellows over a bon fire, making smores and tye dying tshirts.

Hope your having a great summer too!

~Kyla Emman

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