Friday, April 9, 2010

Kyla Emman doing the weather in NYC!

Hey guys! Today was kind of a big deal for me, i was asked to do the morning weather on NY's Wpix news station. Heres how it all happened: Im friends with the weather womans son, Paul so i asked his mom if she could help me out by letting me interview her for a school project. She said yes and then asked me if i would like to be a Friday Forecaster. (You know i never pass any opportunity up!) I said yes and thats how i ended up in front of a green screen at 8:45 am this morning on television. Boy was it an overwhelming experience! I got less than 5 minutes to preview the weather slides and work on what to say! I never ever get nervious but today i was nothing BUT nervous! Anyway, i hope i get a A+, because i even gave a shout out to my teacher! Thank you to Linda Church and the rest of the staff for being so welcoming!
Here is the video:

Let me just say, the umbrella they gave me is the most strong, amazing one i have ever seen! Haha!

~Kyla Emman

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Stephanie Ashen said...

that's so exciting! you did a great job. & cute outfit!