Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fashion Week Insider: Rebecca Minkoff

I told you guys that i was invited to several off site shows this week and thanks to the glorious snow storm, i didn't have to skip out on school to attend the Rebecca Minkoff show. Besides all the amazingly glamorous frocks, skirts and coats, all models look gorgeous in their spring makeup. I'm drooling (yes really!) over the loose curls that the models are sporting and i am totally going to try it when i get home. As for celeb guest, Agyness Deyn is here sporting her new yet black do. She kind of looks like a geisha in grunge clothing. Also, Erin from The City was wearing some killer heels in the snow! How did she do it?! Anyway, right now I'm sitting with my friend (and our resident stylist) Victor Cordero in the posh "Blogger Lounge". Whats a better way to be inspired than to write a blog post in the middle of a fashion presentation? By the way, Rebecca herself looks phenomenal. Shes got on this great zipper clad motorcycle jacket. I cant wait for you to see all the rest of the pictures so check them out here! Rebecca and I pose for a quick shot.
Check out what i have to say about some of my fave looks:

" I was actually wearing a fur vest that looked like this one. So of course i loved this look!"
"This model was my favorite! She really knew how to make her outfit and accessories. Plus, we all got the awesome shirt shes wearing in our gift bags!" (Get your own here.)
" I wasn't too crazy about these jeans but i was totally coveting this plaid coat! How amazing are those buttons!"
"This was deff. my fave outfit! Everything from the pleated skirt to the ruffled cardigan screamed Paris! If only i had owned this outfit while i was there!

" The bags were colored like candy! They were also very functional looking too! A girls gotta love a big bag."
"This over sized boyfriend blazer could be pulled off as a dress too!"

Stylish bloggers and I in the Blogger Lounge.

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into the show!

~Kyla Emman

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