Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear Taylor...

Dear Taylor,

Here at Miss Teenage Socialite NYC we are addicted to your fashion picks, new extensions and fabulous job at CW. But besides being obsessed over your long legs and front row fashion show access, we worry about you. It seems that the little girl who once played Cindy Lou Who is now gone. You have traded in your innocent looks for this if-Lindsay Lohan-was-a-New-Yorker look. You are younger than i (by the way my b day is tomorrow) yet you dress like a 25 year old hooker and you smoke like a chimney. Don't you think your aging faster than a reverse Benjamin Button? Anyway, this is all really hard to say considering i am utterly jealous of you, but i also think it is important to somewhat pace yourself while growing up. There's nothing worse than regretting that you didn't enjoy your childhood while you could. We love you, all the best!

~Miss Teenage Socialite

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