Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome to the Neighborhood

While i was on a thrift hunt with my great friend Victor, we passed by a new boutique that i hadn't seen before. Unfortunately, it wasn't open for me to get a peek, but the window displayed outfits that were just screaming my name! There was a note left inside that read:

"Cecilia De Bucourt Boutique
Will officially open to the public Mid-January
Until then you can view and purchase our collections at our online store"

Ugh. I want it open now! I so badly want to purchase that tie dye studded jacket! Well, i guess ill have to wait but i am really excited about the opening considering that the Hell's Kitchen fashion scene has dwindled down to restaurants that sell their "i love burgers" shirts. Here are some pieces form the CDB collection that i am totally drooling over:
One Shoulder Italian Lycra Dress $245
Square Studded Jacket $258
Cobra Top $198

~Kyla Emman

1 comment:

Shae said...

heyy! i just looked at the website for the clothing and im so with you! the clothes there are super cute! i really hope that there is going to be one opening near me!!