Friday, January 1, 2010

Some ABC's of 2009

A - Alloy. I received my first ever paid internship at Alloy Media and Marketing where i learned so many things about the fashion and media industry that i had never known before. I also got to meet some of my fave celebs and designers that i would have never i would.
B- Beauty. Before this past year, i wasn't really into using all types of beauty products. I was more of a natural kind of girl who didn't even know what makeup primer was. Now, Ive been more open to experiment with body scrubs, facial moisturizers, lip liners and bright red lipstick.
C-Celebrities. This year i have hung out with the my fave celebs. They are all so sugary sweet.
D-DIY. 2009 was my year of DIY. I seriously had done more of my own projects than any other year. My diy inspiration was probably the recession. Why spend money on something that you can make right?
E-Education. Much like my other senior friends, i have been going crazy over college applications, open houses and scholarships. Now that 2010 has finally come I can finally rest!
F-Fashion's Night Out. On FNO i had so much fun! From sneaking into high profile parties to meeting fashionable celebs, the night was an overall blast. It was a total night to remember thanks to Anna Wintor and Mayor Bloomberg's weird alliance.
G-Gossip Girl. MTS was invited to take the Gossip Girl tour of NYC! It was so much fun pretending to be Blair and Serena at the shows NYC hot spots!
H-"Holiday". As Englanders say it, ive been on vacation or "Holiday" to many places this past year. Ive been able to get away to England, Paris, Rome, and Venice which brings my passports total up to 6 countries!
I-Internet. The Internet became a major fixture in my life this past year. There isn't a day where i go without it <3 style="font-weight:bold;">July. Fourth of July was in insane for me and my friends. I think i already posted the story but what could be better than spending it on a ship with a bunch of good looking foreign sailors.
K- Kyla Emman. Since the beginning of this past year, ive become more well known because of my work. Ive been the subject of numerous article, been invited to Fame Game, been put of the guest list of fashion shows and given VIP at parties. Its all thanks to the loyal global readers of MTS! Thank you guys!
L-Looks. This year you have seen more of my fave looks through our new editorial section than ever before. You've seen me in sequins, leather and even feathers!
M- Miss Teenage Socialite. MTS has grown more this year than ever before. We have received more hits, welcomed more contributors, held more contests and wrote more articles!
N-Notes. I have definitely spent more money on clothes, accessories, beauty products and shoes last year than any other!
O-Onyx. I got the puppy of my dreams! He is a "Shorkie", a designer mixture of a Yorkie and a Shih Tzu.
P-Press. MTS has received plenty of press this year! Yahooo!
Q- Questions. We have posted plenty of Q&A articles with me and other up and coming stars.
R-Requests. Ive gotten so many facebook friend requests from readers of MTS and other people i don't know.
S- Shows. Ive attended so many fashion shows this year. I can even name them all!
T- Twitter. This year, Twitter took over the web with celebs and civilians typing away their most intimate thoughts. MTS even got a twitter to update you guys on fashion sales, parties and news too.
U- University. I attended this past year's Teen Vogue Fashion University. I got to meet fashions best like Eric Daman, Thakoon, and Amy Astley. We also got to screen Vogue's September Issue and listen to a speech by key note speaker DVF!
V-Visitors. MTS has had more visitors to the site than any other year!
W-Working out. I have spent more of my time working out at Cheerleading practice and the gym this past year.
X-X Files. I really don't know what to put for X, but i have watched WAY less Tv this year!
Y- Youtube. Although, MTS is not a big YouTube thing, last year we posted our first video. This year, we hope to post one regularly.
Z-Zoom. This year has been great. It really has zoomed by. On to the next one!

Thanks for a wonderful year guys! Keep reading and this year will be even better!

~Kyla Emman

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