Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Baby

Dear Santa,

I know i haven't believed in you for 17 years but who's counting? Ive been good all year. (Well except that time i stole that lady's seat at fashion week.) Ive come to you begging on my well exfoliated knees to ask you about my Christmas wishes. Unfortunately for my family and TJ Maxx, i haven't given in to the proposal of being a recessionista. (and im sure as hell never going to be a Maxinista.) I want everything on my wish list and as Violet from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory says "I want it NOW!" So please deliver my all my fabulous gift wishes. I will be waiting.

Here is what i want:

1. To understand what the heck 13 year old blogger Tavi is trying to say on her blog posts. I'm obviously an idiot.

2. That sassy lil Marc Jacobs evening bag in every color.

3. The "up and coming fashion editor" style Starbucks tumbler that ive been trying to steal from Ivana.

4. My dog to behave like a human.

5. And everything from the Christopher for Top Shop and Rodarte for Target collections.

If i don't get what i want, i will hold you for ransom. You've been warned.

P.s. Lay off the cookies Santa! Your looking plumper that Heidi Klum during her pregnancy! If you keep it up with the midnight snacking you wont be able to fit into those Fashion Week sample sizes! XOXO

~Kyla Emman