Saturday, November 21, 2009

H&M Releases New Campaign

Here is a sneak peek at H&M's new holiday campaign. Personally, i feel that it represents how my holiday style is. It is hard to stay consistent with your own personal style throughout the holiday because of the pressure to dress in reds, greens or metallics. However, i think that this year H&M's holiday campaign showcased how the combination of personality and cheer can work and in hand. I choose the female shots to show you because i like them the best. Here are the pictures and some fashion commentary by muah!

"I purchased the strapless leather dress in the middle already. It was a steal at $20!"

"I love this kind of Parisian flapper look." "If only i looked like her and my boyfriend dressed like that. This is the perfect holiday clubbing outfit for both males and females."

" Thank god that H&M came up with a concept that gives us freedom to wear blue and gold instead of the traditional Christmas colors."

Hope you enjoy the collection as much as i did. Snag it at your local H&M store. Hurry, its selling fast!

~Kyla Emman


Anonymous said...

all of these pictures were in the seventeen magizen for the december and january issue :/

Anonymous said...

um i dont think that the blue and gold outfit will sell that fast

Anonymous said...

i wouldnt want my boyfriend to wear those pants at all

Anonymous said...

dont you think that in the first two pictures the models look dead

Kyla Emman said...

Yes, the models do look dead and i think the blue and gold outfit is nice maybe if you pictured it as separates you would like it?
As for Seventeen, i don't know about that, i don't read it.
And honestly, my boyfriend wears sweats all the time so anything else is a step

Thanks for commenting. Enjoy the blog.