Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yes. I am still crushing on sequins. Maybe i am just a reincarnation of Liza Minnelli or Cher but i cant help it. Sequins are just so exciting to wear. One of my friends says that sequins are tacky but i find them to be very chic. After all, during the era of the roaring twenties, flappers wore sequins and they were not tacky. So how could a little (or a lot) of shine evolve into something ill. The way i see it is if the editors of Elle are mad about sequins than I'm in good company. So here is to you friend who will remain anonymous! Look how chic sequins can be!

Hervé Léger Black X-Strap Dress With Sequin Detail $1,250.00

" This frock is like a modern day flappers dress. I could so see it being worn to a 20's inspired jazz club".

Longline Sequin Bra $70.00

"Maybe this is kind of Madonna but i would totally wear this as a camisole under a boyfriend blazer for an androgynous look."

5.16 Elongated Sequin Shoulder Catsuit $279.07

"This catsuit is a mix of Lady Gaga and Cat Woman."

ALICE + OLIVIA Zebra Print Sequined Jacket $495.00

"This jacket has all the bells and whistles for a night out in Vegas. Could i get away with it in Manhattan?! Maybe if i was Rihanna!"

~Kyla Emman

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