Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I spotted this girl while i was out and about in the fabulous city of London.
During my trip, i had been wearing chic outfits consisting of mostly fur and ruffles. The Dior Paris commercial had been my inspiration. However, as soon as i saw this girl she caught my attention. I had been wearing to wear something remotely edgy as i did in the states. She looked amazing. I quickly realized that her choice of outfit had been a universal one. From my global experience, hip hop inspired street fashion never changes. Colors do, Shapes do, designers do. But there is such an it factor to urban wear that it is always distinguished from anything else. On a lighter note: How patriotic is she? Here is how you can get her look!
Get the london look
Get the london look

Click to see the set larger! Enjoy!

~Kyla Emman

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