Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NYC'S most ignorant teens

With the debut of Bravo's New York City Prep has come a huge media frenzy. Many argue that the "actors and actress" of the show are prideful, spoiled, brats.
I cant disagree. Although, i live in New York City and hangout with some of the cities most influential teens, we aren't anything like those kids. The different between us and that over-hyped waste of a show, is that we have an ounce of self respect. Its true, most of Nyc can buy their way into schools or slip their way into any hot club, but at what cost? I almost applied to be on NYC prep when they sent out recruiters into Manhattan's influential upper west side. However, when i read the questions they were asking, i was turned off to the show. Here are some examples:

Did both of your parents graduate from college?
How many houses does your family own?
How much does your family make a year?

I cant help but think those kids are shallow. Ive seen many of the people on that show around town (sorry if your reading this) but i must stick to my guns. I write what i feel, and what i feel is that they are a horrible representation of Nyc teens. I mean, here in nyc, everyone who REALLY has money, doesnt talk about it. Seriously, Gossip Girl was more true to life than this show.

~Kyla Emman

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