Wednesday, June 10, 2009


G*LEE is known throughout Manhattan Society as the Asian Philanthropist DJ. She grew up watching her well known mother DJ however, G*LEE is famous in her own right.

What are you best known for?

To start off, being a DJ. The fact that many people do not expect an Asian American and simply a female to be a DJ would be my contradiction for them. Rather so, I am also known as an artist – I’ve always been a poet, and then progressed to be a rapper, after some years I attended Juilliard School of Music when I was 15 for music composition. Saving the best for last, I’m proud to say that I am best known as a musician for all sectors. I’m currently working with Woody Pak (soundtrack composer of the infamous documentary film Planet BBoy) and his company Chaos Theory Music based out in Santa Monica, California. I’ve been known for many things, but in particularly and humbly known as the “Female DJ and Rapper” as many Asians like to categorize me. I’ve been known and quite stirred a stare for the Asian American society in America, particularly because they’ve finally seen someone that has passion – not some faux negative dreams and goals … I’m not a dreamer but a woman of my word.

What was the driving force behind your success?

The driving force … the world. I’ve been exposed and always been aware of social, political, and humane issues occurring around me. I’ve always wanted to find my personal method of giving back to the world and being closely involved as an activist. I’ve always come to recognize the negative propaganda of pop culture today and the ridiculousness of “glamour life”. I’ve grown up to see, as I put it, “fake musicians” in the mainstream scene taking away the real musicians passion. I’ve been so ashamed to be entering this industry where it’s all about image and capitalism. That is my driving force, my passion. For today and the future, continuously driving myself to overcome the negative propaganda's of this corrupted industry full of “money, sex, and guns”

Who inspired you to do what you love?

Not to sound selfish but I’ve been my own inspiration because I was always able to find my own personal inspiration from the changes, mistakes, and flaws of myself. I believe inspiration comes from yourself because you are the one to perceive life. Nonetheless, my faith in the gospel brings me inspiration because I’m able to see all parts of life as one. Realistically, the whole outreach of community in the arts inspires me as a musician and DJ. Proud to say that my role model has always been Lauryn Hill – politically would be Lincoln – and spiritually God.

Do your friends support your career? How so?

Of course! A lot of my friends are upcoming, already are, and aspiring artists in the industry. Few of my elderly friends are activists, organizers, and politicians. From the start and till the end, my friends have always been part of my career either directing me to networking, collaborating, and even booking me for their own event. But most of all, my friends are always there to make sure that I’m always “being myself” because that’s one thing the ‘entertainment industry’ tends to eliminate. They always come out to mass events that I’m DJing for or performing and always say to me “show them the truth G*LEE”

Where are you most likely to be spotted hanging out?

EVERYWHERE, no joke. I’m very unstable when I’m hanging out because a lot of times I tend to travel and venture off to different places. But to be fair – you can spot me at clubs and lounges, obviously. Cafes and small bookstores are my favorite because I commit to mediation. Most of the times, I lay back with my friends in their own shops around L.E.S., Brooklyn, SoHo, and the basic downtown life. To the stalkers, you can spot me at St. Marks Bookstore – Café Taralluci Vino – and shuffling the closet at Opening Ceremony, A.P.C., and vintage boutiques.

If you could meet one person that could change your life, who would it be?

Too close to say, either Oprah Winfrey, Al Gore, Will.i.Am, or Lauryn Hill. All of these are great individuals who are definite humanitarians and activists for peace. Particularly aside from the social leaders, Will.i.Am and Lauryn Hill are my powerful “life changers” because they reveal the optimistic and positive value of the arts – I really respect that.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Networking and collaborating. I realized networking is the key to success because you build your personal relations and career direction. Mostly when I DJ, I bump into notable musicians and celebrities that approach me in the booth – through that we always exchange conversations and build a relationship. Except that I reject talking to “stubborn celebrities” who come off all diva and swag on me. (laughter) Oh and of course … the fact that I always get VIP access to all events and clubs that I DJ for, sorry!

What do you see for yourself in the future?

Building a legacy for the positive movement of the arts. I am definitely going to approach the United Nations as a goodwill or representative in foreign relations and poverty missions. Certainly, I am going to create projects and collaborations to focus on building hope for the poor and impoverished. But most of all, creating my own “empire” that focuses to revive the positive culture, all you can do is wait and see.

Thanks to G*LEE for the interview!

~Kyla Emman


Anonymous said...

wow, love it- Kyla how'd you get G*LEE?

Kyla Emman said...

I know her through people and parties.