Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our World

I'm not posting this because of the fact that Vogue has been recently added to a small list of international magazines in India. I'm posting this because i think this is one of the most beautiful Vogue covers ever. This is the first Vogue issue in India. Check out the headlines, they show India's current controversial topic: Marriage Vs. Tradition and its major industry: Bollywood Films. It also shows how messed up our media and fashion Industries are. The sad part is that, America would most likely use the middle model. Even though America is the most diverse country in the world, most models used are of white decent. Does it really take an Indian Magazine to have colored girls on its cover? Being of Hispanic decent, this is especially aggravating to me. I cant even tell you the last time i saw an Asian, African, Hispanic person on a cover who wasn't a major celeb? Could this be a hidden form of racism in our Industries? Even when our president is black? Give me your feed back!

~Kyla Emman

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