Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hey Alexandra. Are you excited to be featured as Socialite of the Month?

Alexandra: Yes! I am very excited. It’s such an honor.
What do you think makes you a socialite?

Alexandra: Well, going to charity events or parties, looking the best and getting your name out there. It’s about making people know who you are.

How is night life Ct different from your partying in Nyc?

Alexandra: Ct is more down to earth and house parties. Nyc is more glam with charity events, clubs and parties. Rather than sitting around drinking beer all night. Ct is beer and Nyc is leechi martinis.
What is your fave artist to party to?

Alexandra: Hmm...That’s hard; I have a lot of diff taste in music anything from hip hop like Lil Wayne to pop like lady gaga. I like anything that gets me dancing.

Who or what inspires your style?

Alexandra: Whatever is in the magazines, whatever’s being shown in vogue or the windows of Barneys. Fashion week runways are a preview of what’s going to be “in” for that season. That’s what I wear.

What do you think is the next big trend?

Alexandra: I think for summer maxi dresses are gonna be in and I think for spring maybe colored blazers, and over sized light weight coats for summer.

What celeb guy is your dream guy?

Alexandra: Hands down Penn Bagley...I'm into upper west-east clean cut guys with edge. My man needs some edge.

Any future Plans?

Alexandra: I’m hoping to start off with an internship with a designer or a magazine and after college getting a position as a stylist or a fashion director.

Thanks for letting us interview you. Where can fans find you?

Alexandra: At

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