Saturday, March 28, 2009


What inspired you to create Miss Teenage Socialite?
I was looking for a good fashion and lifestyle blog to read. I couldn't find one that was truly fabulous. None of the ones i found excited me and i thought that i could do better so i created my own website that day.

Who or what is your fashion inspiration?
I'm not one of those people who lie and say that they are not inspired by others fashion. I'm inspired by runway shows , fellow bloggers , NYC fashion scene and my friends. Anything that i can see inspires my way of dressing.

Where do you hang out in the city?
My new york scene is Spotlight Live which has recently been shut down. Also the restaurant Vynl, Starbucks ,and 5Th ave. On week end nights i could be anywhere in the city though.

If you could raise any person from the dead who would it be?
I would definitely bring back my grandfather Gilbert. He was an amazing man who taught me to reach for the stars and achieve my dreams. He was definitely a father figure to me who spoke candidly. I hope one day i could be as honest and caring as him. But other wise, i would bring back Audrey Hepburn because she was a great actress, fashion icon and philanthropist.

Fast! Name 5 of your favorite places.
Tokyo, Kyoto, Paris, Chinatown, Chelsea.

Tell us what beauty products you cannot live without.
I would die without mascara from cover girl or eyeliner from NYC. I also would go through with drawls if i didn't have cover up from cover girl , foundation from almay.

Whats your most prized possession?
Other than really sentimental things, I would say my fur Sunice Vest and my Alice and Olivia mule heels.

Whats your dream job?
My dream job is to be an entrepreneur with a clothing line and products. And to keep Miss Teenage Socialite running forever.

Fast! Tell us whats the last item you just bought?
Besides a metro card , I bought this really cute pair of stirrup jeans by Younique that were on sale. They fit amazingly and are very dark denim. I'm going to buy more of them ASAP.

What can you find in your purse?
My wallet, eyeliner , sunnies,lipstick ,chapstick from Nivea (its ah-mazing),a cocktail ring, deodorant, my ipod, my credit card,and pepper spray.
I usually carry my camera too.

Our interview has come to an end. See ya on the flip side.

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