Monday, February 2, 2009

Gossip Girl Round Up

Even though though nothing happened between them , it was still extremely inappropriate for lonely boy and Ms.Car (the new lonely girl) to meet outside of school (never mind have dinner!)I mean seriously DAN?
Ugh...i knew he was flawed. Ever since he fell for that horrible Georgina Ive had him pinned through my perifrial vision. And , ew Ms. Car? She looks like a young cattle herding Martha Stewart wannabe.
She pretends to be honest and kind. But is stealing a students underage boyfriend, really exude that?
But poor Serena! It looks like fab golden locks , perfect smile and socialite status isn't enough to keep one guy hooked..STORY OF OUR LIFE!.
If i were Serena , id post that pic on Gossip Girl quick and send that Car to splitsville Asap.
And as for Blair being expelled from Constance..Some teachers (Ms. Car) need to be whipped into shape and if not by Blair, perhaps little j?

And God ,I'm fuming about Ms. Car and Dan hooking up , i hope Serena beats his face in. Not only did Dan say nothing was going on (emotionally there was) but he's also a total male slut face!

~Kyla Emman

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