Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stupid Cupid V-Day Style '09

Finding the purrfect Valentines day outfit can be a ma-jour hassle. Its a struggle between the flirty, chic and cutesy. I prefer having them all portrayed in my V day outfit so here are some of my valentines day picks. If your gonna have a billion outfit changes during Valentines day (like me) then i would prefer to have every piece i wear be somewhat affordable.
Sequin LOVE Tank
This is a Lil bit rock n roll.
Foil Legging $36 Im thinking Lady Gaga meets Pink.
SeerSucker Plaid Dress by Marc Jacobs $398 Way too Adorable for words.
Italian Linen Open Heart Back Zip Dress
This is my absolute fave v day pick. The heart in the back and the belt are both lined in zipper which gives it a rocker edge.

P.s. I wont be wearing any of these picks for valentines day (it would give away the surprise) but i will be wearing an inspired Herve Leger red and black dress. Gorgeous!

~Kyla Emman

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sage said...

lovee this open heart LBD