Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Love me or Hate Me...its Still an Obsession

Someone (unnamed) posted an snarly comment on the page that i thought was decent enough to answer. This post questioned as to why i charge to meet me.
This is my reasons :

1. I have a life just as everyone else does. Most of my fans are visitors to NYC so i cant just have a giant party to meet them. Most of them message me saying when their coming to NYC. This means i have to make space in my schedule to meet them. I might have to cancel working (which means i don't get paid) or an event. Fans are my first priority right now.

2. I am the #1 Teenage Fashion blogger in NYC. Therefore i work a lot and am constantly on the go for my personal life.

3. I make the time me and my fans spend together worth while. The time includes pictures, fashion advice, personal shopping (if requested) and a bragging worthy experience.

Hope you all understand that in my life every moment is extremely precious(Even my blogging time) and charging makes it possible to free up my time.

~Kyla Emman

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