Monday, December 29, 2008


Kyla Emman at an impromptu photo shoot

I want to thank all of you loyal repeat fans of MTS for sticking by us.
MTS has been a portfolio of my life and has brought me countless media attention from Tyra Banks, CNN ,, and others. You have all contributed to a year of great success. This is more than what i could have ever asked for! I was offered a job at a major media company (b/c of MTS) and i love every moment of it.
Next year we hope to have a major party in NYC and have you lovelies attend! I would love to meet you all and thank you personally for spreading the word. Unfortunately , i cant, there is just too many of you! And we are happy to say that our visitors are from all over the world NOT just the USA. We love receiving your letters/fan mail and we hope you love our responses! Next year , you will be able to meet the staff behind MTS! Thank you and cheers to the New Year!

"Now go sip those Cosmo's! i hope!"

~Kyla Emman

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